Rolls Royce Wraith – Paint Protection by PROvinyl

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Rolls Royce Wraith – Paint Protection by PROvinyl

From the dawn of time Kings were afforded the best protection. Entire armies were assembled to keep them safe along with the best and most technologically advanced armour’s available at the time.

In this day and age Rolls Royce is the undisputed King of the roads and here at PROvinyl we have assembled the best installers to install the very best “Armour’’ in the form of Suntek Paint Protection film to keep safe this venerable monarch.

A “promo” is a short video clip, whose length does not grow by more than two minutes, however, it includes a little bit of exclusive information about a specific event, making this clip a real-life clickbait video. Its creation is even harder than the regular video’s is – the events, that take place into the promo, are known worldwide; so if all the secrets considering them would be disclosed too early, there would be no surprise during the exact day.

Video clip you seeing is a “behind the scenes” of sensational Supercars Australia’s 2017 Safety Car exposure. Such promos are often created for the popular news hooks like car presentation, fashion show, the premiere screening of the film or theatrical performance and even museum exhibition to sharpen the anticipation and heighten viewer’s interest in the subject.

BIGfilm has a great amount of experience in the creation of such web video production. If you need to brighten some event in such an unusual way, you may contact us to discuss all the details of the work. We provide our clients with a great picture quality, we pay attention to the details of the surroundings, we choose the best light and foreshortening so that the final product would be 100% original and satisfy our client’s expectations. Web video production of a high quality demands a special equipment, which we already possess; moreover, comparing the price/quality/service combination, BIGfilm is an absolute leader in the video and photo shooting market of Australia for sure. Still not sure? Contact us for more details!

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