Animated video production – to consider before you create your corporate video

You want to create a video to showcase your business? Great! But you will soon come to find that there is more to it than just pressing record and rolling. In order to reach your videos maximum potential and to have maximum exposure, here are three objective to meet before you begin to create your corporate video

Does the video meet your business objectives?

What do you want to say?

Who do you want to reach?

Now that you’ve outline your business objectives, you can begin on your video, but firstly, you must meet these ten requirements

  1. Does the brand content align with your corporate identity and values
  2. If the video is going to run for more than two minutes, you may want to consider a separate video
  3. Find the best timing to release your video. Does the timing help sell your video?
  4. Does the video content align with your organisational values and your target customers?
  5. How engaging is the content?
  6. How will you promote the video content? Which social media platforms are appropriate to the video?
  7. Optimise the content to get the most out of your video
  8. Select the right seeding approach to help spread your content and raise awareness and knowledge
  9. Use technology to check and monitor foot traffic and results
  10. Make sure the video is shared as much as possible to the most appropriate places that can help promote it.

BiGFilm understands the need for appropriate video content through thorough and in-depth market analysis and research.

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