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Real estate has become one of the most competitive industries in the country, and nowhere has there been greater competition than in Sydney. This has forced many real estate agents to one-up their listings in order to attract the most amount of attention, which has led to the increased outsourcing of the presentation of houses, from interior staging, to professional photography. Real estate photography has become incredibly competitive, which also means that prices have also remained competitive, benefiting real estate agents. Since pricing has become competitive, it has led to many photography agencies giving heavy discounts and reduction in costs, but cheaper is not always better.


Many of us know that pricing relates to quality. You get what you are paying for, and in this instance, paying premium often gets you the best. However, that does not necessarily mean that its better than another photographer. One photographer could charge less, and yet they could be better than a more expensive photographer. The best solution is to view a collection of their work and judge for yourself, especially when comparing the pricing and the quality of the image.

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General intro to real estate photography. Why is it different, what techniques, what’s important, how it presents the listing…..

Real estate photography is a whole lot different to standard photography. The techniques used to take the perfect selfie most likely do not apply to taking photos of a living room, in the same way that photographing a kitchen is different to taking corporate photos for your updated LinkedIn profile. Therefore, specialists are key when finding the right photographer for your listing, and even then, you need to decide whether to get a photographer who can capture commercial listings, such as office spaces, warehouses and factories, or a photographer specialising in houses and apartments and lofts, and even a specialist in photographing farms and vacant land.


Each situation requires different equipment, specialists and techniques. Some  require more equipment, while some require just one photographer. Whilst some others require a whole team. it’s important to find the right photographer for the right situation. You wouldn’t hire a yoga teacher to change the gearbox in your car, so why hire an event photographer to photograph a two story house in Baulkham Hills?

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Effect of first impressions. First impressions last. Have the right pictures important!

The old saying is true. First impressions count. Whether its a job interview, meeting someone new, or presenting something to a potential buyer. Realtors know that first impressions count, which is why they spend thousands of dollars on appearances, whether its on themselves or whether its staging the house, and even on open houses. So why do so many decide to skimp on the photography. The house can be amazing, with million dollar views, and incredible interiors, but all that won’t show if the photographer fails to capture any of it. First impressions really do count, and photographs are the first point of contact with potential buyers.

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Conclusion- find pricing for 2 competitors, compare and contrast. Do not do it below certain price point.

Specialist real estate photographers need special types of photography. Luckily, BigFilm specialise in residential and vacant land. The marketplace is full of photographic specialists, and many of them can often times cost up to $2,000 for a photo shoot, and you don’t exactly need $5,000 dollars worth of photography if you want pictures of a 3 bedroom house in Penrith. However it should be noted that spending less on the photography of a listing can also be detrimental to its image. To ensure it’s success, realtors should find the appropriate pricing point in regards to their listing. If it’s a million dollar trophy home in Kirribilli, $2,000 spent on photography wouldn’t matter when compared to the money made back on a sale and in commission. However, it isn’t necessary for a 4 bedroom house in Northmead.


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