Three Wise Monkeys

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Headshot Photography Sydney

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Beauty can be found everywhere – especially when it’s not expected. Year by year the pictures of urbanistic countrysides are winning international photographer’s competitions – the contrast between modern skyscrapers and old-fashioned brick houses is affecting almost magically. City beauties are around you, however, because of the occupation and busyness we don’t have a minute to look around us.

Not only the photos, but videos can be dedicated to the urbanistic beauty. Modern glass high-rise business centers, concrete boxes of apartments, small cozy cafes can look even more fabulously in the frame of a video camera. Such filming can be done even by non-professionals – only for a spiritual gratification.

If your needs are more practical – to film a real estate building for a video advertisement, then BIGfilm is what you are searching for.

Making highly-professional videos on different topics for more than 4 years, our agency would be pleased to contribute you with your filming. Our team of artists and advertisers will help you to develop the main idea of the real estate video production, professional operators would choose the best lighting and angle of the shoot, editors will cut and combine the best parts of the filmed material into one final clip. BIGfilm function in Sydney, Australia, where we’ve already worked with some huge real estate trading companies, performing their real estate video production orders.

So, if you are interested in cooperation and ready to boost the sales of your agency, be sure to contact us to discuss all the important questions and make an amazing video while working together!

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