1. What is Big Film?

BigFilm is a leading photo and video production company, specialising in the marketing aspect of photography and videography. We are a group of highly trained specialists who can cater to any and all photographic and videographer needs.

2. Why do I need photos or videos?

Good question! Lets break it down for you

Studies have shown that consumers are 60% more likely to engage with a business if they displayed photographic or videographer content on their websites. Facebook engagement rates for business pages increased by 37% when they used images and video. A whopping 92% of online consumers rated Images and Video content of a product or business to be the most important aspect. Do we really need to go on?

3. Will I have to take out a second mortgage to afford photo and video for my business?

That’s the best part about this! It’s cheaper than you think, and we aren’t just saying that to keep you on our site. Photography and videography production has become more affordable and accessible to a variety of people, from social media influencers, business owners, models and many more people, all of whom take advantage of the cheap prices on offer in the market.4. How many years of experience does the company have?


5. Why do I need professional photo or video production? Why can’t I just use my phone?

Well, you can use your phone, but then it goes to show your customers how much effort you put into your business. Professional, high quality photography can bring in more customers than whipping out your phone for a few blurry pictures of your product and/or business. Ensuring your media content is of the highest quality is important in attracting more customers to your business

6. What makes BigFilm different from the others?

BigFilm isn’t just a standard photography and videography production company. We are unique in our ability to cater to the marketing side of business media content. We know what photos and videos work the best at getting your business noticed by more customers. We specialise in digital marketing and promotion, that allows us to advertise and sell your business through a variety of channels that are nota s well known by other companies.

7. What are some other services that you provide.

We provide a wide variety of services for any and all types of business’. From classy headshots, to promotional photography, event photography, real estate videography and much more! Check out our services under the ‘Services’ tab on our page. We also provide a comprehensive marketing

8. Is the equipment of high quality?

Yes, all equipment used is of the highest quality, and we ensure that the right equipment is chosen to meet your needs and budget.

9. Where is the company based?

The business is based in Mortlake, New South Wales, centrally located to service the greater Sydney region. We can access almost anywhere. If we can drive to you, then we can hep you with your photo and video needs.

10. Is all the work done in house?

Yes! All our work is done in house, by our trained production team, which manage all work from start to beginning, ensuring a consistent and high quality product. It also ensures that we know what we are talking about, and all questions can be asked immediately.

11. ’m hooked! I would love to get in contact! How do I do that?

It’s simple! just visit our contact page, send in a message on what you’re looking for, and one of our friendly sales staff will be in touch shortly, or, if waiting doesn’t sound much like your thing, then feel free to call us up at anytime from 08:00am-16:30pm



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