About us:

BiGfilm is the coming together of some of the industries most creative professionals. As leaders in commercial video production, we combine creativity with research, so we fully understand who we are talking to.

Our main goal is to integrate all the knowledge we have gained over the many years of working as a leading production company, straight into the work we do for you

As well as photo and video production, we provide photo video optimisation and online marketing, making us your end to end solution

BiG film commercial photography

First impressions are vital, because you know how quickly people can loose interest in something they are not interested in. Too many voices are screaming at your potential client, each voice getting louder than the next. Be the loudest voice in the room, and grab your clients attention. you want to present yourself and your business as decisive, important and indispensable, which is why you need the best of the best when it comes to commercial quality digital photography.

BiGfilm commercial video production

At BiGfilm, we produce content that reaches across all forms of media, from Facebook videos, webpage commercials to advertisements on the big screen. Commercial video has become more affordable, and an even more enhanceable method for product and brand promotion against competitors. With more than 5 years worth of experience in commercial video production, we have helped hundreds of business’ produce and promote their own unique and attention-grabbing content

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