10 steps on getting your business out there

Creating appealing content that drives your message to your customers has become incredibly difficult. The rise of cheap advertisement has meant that anybody can produce online content. The difference between successful advertisement and failed advertisements is the content. Content can be delivered in many ways, and one example is through animation, as shown through this video created by animators at BiGFilm.

Before a business begins to create content, they must first identify three objectives. The first is their business objective. What does the business want to achieve with its digital media/advertisement? what are the objectives and anticipated outcomes? Secondly, the business must identify their communication objectives. What does the business want to say? what message does it want to send out to potential customers. What is the business trying to say? Lastly, the business must identify its audience. Who is their customer base? who are they trying to reach? who will benefit most from the advertisement? A business cannot begin creating content until all three objectives have been identified

Once a business has finished outlining their objectives, they can begin to create content. All successful content created share 10 things in common with each other. These 10 steps ensure that content created is successful and appealing. Firstly, ensuring content is in line with corporate identity and values is the most important aspect of content. If the content does not alien with what you identify and value, then it becomes useless. If your content is longer than 2 minutes, it would be better to consider creating separate videos. You need to pinpoint the best time to launch your story or content. If the timing is not correct, it can fail to reach your intended customer. By ensuring the timing is right, you can deliver your message correctly. Does your content sit within your organisational and comms framework? does it meet your requirements? You must choose a engagement technique that can draw in viewers and generate results. Once content has been created, decide on the social networks and channels you will post content on. Some networks are often best suited for certain types of content. Optimise your content based on what should be searched to find it. What would viewers expect to see when they search for it?. Select the right approach to engage with your target audience. Use applications to capture and monitor end results. This is especially useful for when you want to understand customers and viewers a lot better, and to improve overall business performance.

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