Smile Again Promotional Video

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Smile Again Promotional Video

This is a recent social media video that was done for Smile Again, a dental surgery business in Tempe. The owner of the business was looking for a refresh of her previous social media video, which was feeling old and overused. Our new video provided more in-depth analysis into the business, and how it differs from other dental surgeries. We focused the video on promoting the business’ services, and displayed some of the highlights and benefits that customers would experience if they chose to use Smile Again.

High-quality picture, beautiful scenery and a little bit of action – what can make your video advertisement more spectacular? If your company is searching for the new clients, consider creating a promo video, which would catch the viewers’ eye from the first seconds and wouldn’t let it out until the end.

Video ads long time ago became associated with an art; nowadays there are some several rewards for the best promo of the year. Right, we are telling that the video production is an art – can you argue with this after watching some powerful award-winning social video?

The presented commercial for Golden Jet boats shows the diversity of instruments, that can be used for filming a breathtaking advertisement. In this actual case, the “wow” effect is achieved by using an impressive aerial photography.

Video production takes a lot of resources, nerves and time; it can make you cry or laugh, love or hate, emotionalize you. BIGfilm is a video production company in Sydney, Australia, whose team is fond of filming and creating. We see our vocation in video recording and related occupations. Sydney video production market is definitely rising – and we are happy and proud to be the part of this process.

The video production price of our agency is one of the most competitive in the whole video production Sydney sphere – you may ascertain in this after the comparison of the services BIGfilm and the others companies provide. By hiring us you get a great picture quality, attention to the details, the plot and countless re-shoots in case the result wasn’t satisfying for you. Our works’ main goal is to fulfill clients’ expectations by creating an attention-attracting viral video advertisement, which would bring your business the popularity and profit.

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