1. What are the benefits of having quality film/photography done to represent the company?

To send a message or to introduce the product/service to the customer in the most efficient way
Based on the latest trends, photo and video content is the most suitable way to reach and talk to customers

2. How successful have past Big Film services been?

Companies coming back for more work indicate the success of campaigns and level of satisfaction, can be found online

3. Who are Big Film?

Part of Visual Advertising Solutions Group. Content can be tailored to serve the content of the business, we create the idea and the script with a professional approach to suit your businesses needs

4. How many years of experience does the company have?

More than 5 years of experience in different fields of media content
Depending on your requirements can be done for videos or Facebook etc.

5. Is it expensive?

Based on your request and based on our experience we’ll provide a solution, it’s getting more affordable for any business to use quality media
The investment into the video/photo is worth it as advertising online is much cheaper

6. Where is the company based?

Company is based in Sydney but can reach Brisbane and Melbourne as well

7. What services does the company provide?

Packages menu – choose the service
Or if you have specific needs contact us via phone or email and you will receive a response within 24hrs

8. Will the production be of high quality?

Quality of the media and equipment will be based on your needs. For example. we won’t be using 4k quality for a Facebook post

9. How can my exposure be increased?

Posting good content at the most popular time that suits the customer demographic
Video is good as its more personalised, however, photography is beneficial as it’s cheaper and simple but can be just as effective

10. Is the equipment of high quality?

Yes, the right equipment will be selected based on your needs and budget

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